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April 12 @ 8:00 AM - April 13 @ 5:00 PM MDT


Contact: Bill Miller
Stage 1: Again, We Run!

Pistol in Cruiser mode, Shotgun/PCC staged at drop box, Rifle loaded.

Start standing on the roof prop, rifle at ready. At signal, single hit 5 blue rifle targets on Ridge off of the rooftop. Move to dropbox and engage the same 5 rifle targets “Offhand”, single hit each. Abandon safe rifle, and with shotgun/PCC engage plate rack + two poppers and fliers from behind drop box. Abandon safe shotgun and engage yellow targets with pistol. Yellow pin is a hard shooting area stop point.

Stage 2:Modified Mozambique

9 pistol/PCC

Pistol/PCC only. Start behind the short plywood barrier.

Pistol loaded and holstered, PCC at High Port Arms. Paper targets at 7, 14, and 21 yards. At signal. Double tap each target, then perform a single hit to the eye box on each target.

Best hits scored per USPSA.

Stage 3: Recoil?

6 Pistol

Pistol ONLY. Pistol loaded with 6 rounds only. Each extra shot is a 5 second procedural. At signal, 2 shots, free style, then strong hand, then weak hand. Any order. Hits outside the “Trigger box” is 0.5 second penalty.


Empty rifle (bolt forward) staged in drop box at fort gate.

Start position is the lead foot on Yellow rock.

3-Gun & 4×4 shooters have their pistol loaded and holstered.

2 gun and PCC shooters start with only 6 rounds in the first mag.

3-Gun shooters start with only 6 rounds in the shotgun.

At signal, engage 8 KDs as move to gate then engage Texas Star from behind drop box with shotgun/PCC.

Abandon safe shotgun/PCC in drop box, engage spinner with pistol (60 sec penalty for no spin).

Abandon safe pistol, grab rifle and move to balcony. Only load the rifle when on the balcony.

From 4 ports, single hit on each of 2 white targets with blue X (109 yards, and 235 yards).

Mag change and repeat.

Rifle Pad: Windage WTF?

Pistol in cruiser mode.

Rifle loaded and low ready.

5 Mandatory Rifle targets: 5×9 rectangle at 180 yards, ⅔ silhouette at 200 yards, 12×12 rectangle at 314 yards, ⅔ silhouette at 420 yards, and ⅔ silhouette at 476 yards. The 590 yard 18×24 silhouette is ONE 15 second bonus.

1 Mandatory pistol target at 27 yards, 97 yard ⅔ silhouette is ONE 15 second bonus.

Start standing behind barricades. At signal, from 1 barricade, single hit on each of 5 rifle targets, change barricade, and 1 hit on each of 5 rifle targets. Abandon safe rifle on table, pointed down range, and engage pistol target, 2 hits. Remember pistol bonus! Minimum score after bonuses is 10 seconds.


Shotgun staged in Drop Box

Pistol in Cruiser mode

Rifle loaded.

Start position on the stair platform, rifle at ready.

At signal, 1 hit on each of 2 rifle targets on the ridge from each of 2 positions.

Dismount platform and abandon safe rifle.

With shotgun/PCC engage 2 slug, 5 large poppers + 2 fliers.

2 gun/PCC shooters sub 10 pistol rounds on slug target in place of slugs.

Abandon safe shotgun/PCC and engage pistol targets, 1 hit each.


April 12 @ 8:00 AM MDT
April 13 @ 5:00 PM MDT


Bill Miller
(208) 351-3415


Unified Sportsmens Club
9029 ID-33
Rexburg, ID 83440 United States
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Unified Sportsmen's Club © 2024. All rights reserved.