April 2023 Newsletter

Howdy Friends!!
It’s almost, almost done snowing!! It’s time to start thinking about some range time and taking some time to enjoy your USC Membership!! Shooting events are in full swing and we hope you and yours find your way out the range!!

Even as a USC Annual Membership Card Holder, you MUST sign in at the Club House. There’re two very important reasons for signing in at the club house:

a.) When you sign in you get some liability insurance coverage from our NRA insurance policy. In the event you accidently injure someone while shooting at the range, the insurance will help protect you from liability in the case of an accident. If you have not signed in, you are not covered by the insurance.

b.) The USC Board of Directors uses the sign in sheets as usage data when applying for grants. Grants are the life blood of our range. The money we collect in daily fees or membership fees is barley enough to cover our electricity, insurance, and other costs. We are a Non-Profit, literally.
Please make it a priority to sign in you and all those shooting with you each time you visit the range. In a recent Board Meeting USC President Ron Wilcox, and Founder stated “I sign in every time I drive in the gate” If Ron recognizes the importance of signing in you should also. Thanks.

Please Call USC Secretary & Treasurer Kari Frisbey at (208) 681-2977, she needs to fix issues with your membership. If you know any of these members, please let them know we are trying to contact them. Thanks
Jared Pineau, Jean Buersmeyer, Alexander Garcia, Ryan Washington, Jerry Hopkins Riley Miller, Aaron Cottle, Blaine Ward, Kenneth Brown, John Furness, Keaton Kadous, Shane Ward, Douglas Anderson, Brooks Bauer, Aaron Pincock, Tracy Ouitt, Shantel McCurdy, Bryce Vandermiet
John Herritt, Shawn Derrick, Brad Hammer

If you have not received a 2023 Membership Card, please call Kari (208) 681-2977.
As reminder fees are $50.00 for an annual membership or $70.00 for a family membership.

The Board of Directors along with the Madison County Commissioners have made application to the BLM to acquire 640 acres north of the range as a “Safety Buffer Area.” The club would sign the area “Live Fire Area” and fence the area so that the unsuspecting public will not enter the area where an accidental round might be impacting. Firearms and ballistics today allow for bullets to travel much, much further that they did 35 years ago when the range was first built. Recently we saw people driving side-by-side UTVs next to our fence during very busy weekends, that seem oblivious to the fact that they are next to the range. We need a bigger buffer and impact area north of the range.

You may have noticed all the concreate dividers stacked up around the range and the dirt work that was done by the Madison County Road & Bridge Department. Through a grant from the Friends of the NRA we acquired the concrete dividers. We also applied for funds from the IDF&G to complete the project however, they are being a bit wishy washy about their previous approval of our grant. As soon as the ground dries out and firms up we will begin stacking up the concrete blocks. This will create a hard barrier between those shooting from the top tier (200 & 300 yard targets) and the 100 yard shooting line.

Soon we will be installing steel targets that will be able to be engaged from the 300-yard shooting benches and the new area that was previously constructed that will enable prone shooting at these new targets. The targets will be approximately 350 yards to 700 yards (exact location and ranges to be determined upon installation). The ranges will be posted for those without a range finder and should provide some additional shooting opportunities for those looking for longer range opportunities. These targets will be painted and maintained by Club Board members (George). As a side note if you see George Gornall out driving around on the bright yellow ATV, please give him a big “Thanks”. George goes out to the range about 360 days a year and picks up your garbage, fixes targets, moves cows that wonder on the range, builds and welds things that need to be fixed etc., etc., etc., ……. He does this on his dime and his time nearly every day. George will periodically close the range down (Shut the gate) and go take care of an issue down range. If you come to range and the gate is closed, give him a few minutes and he will open it up in short order. George is a great asset!!!

USC will begin hosting a 22 Rim-Fire Carbine match the second Saturday of each month starting at 2:00 PM May 16th, 2023. 22 Rim-fire is a fun and inexpensive way to improve your shooting skills. These matches will follow “Practical Shooting” format with props simulating walls and barriers. Targets will be a combination of USPSA paper targets and steel targets. Thid video gives an idea of the type of shooting to expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyIKNTVPdH4 (2021 Area 4 USPSA) Remember, these matches are 22 Rim-Fire ONLY. Guns may be equipped with iron sights, red dots, or scopes. For information contact Bill Miller at millerwf.bm@gmail.com ; subject 22 Rim-Fire Matches or call/text 208.651.6415

We have lots of activities scheduled and going on at the range. Here is a list of the upcoming events. We encourage you to attend and invite your friends. You are always welcome to participate in any event. If you just want to come “check it out”, feel free to come watch and see what it is all about. We will help you in any way we can, so please come and participate. Please remember that EVERYONE needs to sign in at the clubhouse in order to be covered under the club’s insurance policy. You can also find these events online at uscidaho.org

Cowboy Action Shooting
Cowboy Matches are held the third (3rd) Saturday of each month from April until September. Registration is 8:00 to 8:45 AM. Visitors are welcome to check it out and shoot a stage in the Old West!! Match Fees and information are at TwinButteBunch.org
NRA Mid-Range Match – May 6th , at 7:30am $25 Course of fire is 3 matches at 300-500-600 yards (20 rounds each match total of 60 rounds plus sighters). We will shoot on the Electronic Targets. All Rifles and AR-15s and all rifles and new folks are welcome. (Contact Ben Jensen @ 208-313-6343 -or- John Smith @ 801-897-4590)
NRA Long Range Match – May 20th , at 7:30am $25 Course of fire is 3 matches at 1000 yards we will shoot on the Electronic Targets. New Folks welcome. (Contact Ben Jensen @ 208-313-6343 -or- John Smith @ 801-897-4590)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT STEEL – Every Wednesday Night!! 5:00 pm $5 for USC Club Members. The format is USPSA style stages with all steel, no paper, so scoring is simple and there is no reset. The goal is shoot fast, score fast, be done and head out. There should be 4 stages each week. Your first time through will be the “official” PractiScore time. Time, attendance, and ammo permitting, you may be able to go through the stages a few more times but those times will not be recorded in PractiScore. We can track them in a spreadsheet for those competitive folks.
Non-Member must pay an additional $5 when they sign in at the Club House prior to the event. WNS will be held at the pistol bays east and center bays. New Guys & Gals Welcome (Contact: Bill Miller (208) 651-3415 millerwf.bm@gmail.com)

3 Gun Matches Held second Saturday of each month $15.00 Non-Members must pay an additional $5 when they sign in at the Club House prior to the event. New Guys & Gals Welcome!!
(Contact: Bill Miller (208) 351-3415 millerwf.bm@gamil.com)
Tactical Matches – 3rd week of each month. $20.00 New Guys & Gals Welcome!!
(Contact: Elden Dalley (208) 390-3348)

These are just a few of the events. Go to uscidaho.org for a complete listing.

VIII. TRAINING / SAFETY OPTIONS – As always, we have lots of safety & training available
(Contact Ron Poole (208) 220-9837 / Ron Wilcox (208) 351-8031/ Joe Landis (208) 243-0659)
(Contact Dennis Grover dennislgrover@gmail.com)
CLOVERLEAF FIREARMS TRAINING GROUP – Reloading Training, Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun / Black Powder Training / ECWP / RSO Instructor Training.
(Contact Frank (208) 403-1885 fmjakubowski@gmail.com
The Club still has many day shooters not paying for their use of the facilities. To make it easier for the Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) to identified who has or has not signed in at the Club House, we ask that you please add your Vehicles Plate ##### on the column provided on the sign in sheet. This makes it easier for the RSO to identify those who have not signed in and who have not paid the daily $5.00 fee. We appreciate you help with this.

Members and visitors both need to sign at the Clubhouse to be covered under the Clubs insurance policy. Please take a moment and sign in before you shoot.

We have been in the process for over a year getting our website updated please go to idahoshootingrange.com to check it out. Its NOT done yet but it should be great when its finished!!
Please See us on Face Book @ Unified Sportsman Club Inc.
Also take a look at Idaho Target Rifle Shooters.
We are trying to do a better job with social media, please take a look and LIKE if you can.

The next Monthly Board Meeting is May 17th @ 7:00 PM, in our Club House. You as a paid member are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have ideas on how we can improve the Club or make it safer, please attend, share your ideas, we would love to hear them, get involved!!

Someone or some folks, removed the concrete blocks that are used as retaining walls to support the 1000 yard target pits, placed them up on top of the berm and shot at them causing great damage to the electronic target holders. We are reviewing the camera images and will be contacting the Madison County Sheriff. We are also looking into an electronic lock that will register the identity of those folks who open the gate. If you have any information about who did this contact the Sheriff. Thanks!!

Please be aware of those down range and beyond. Never, shoot over any impact berm at any of the designated shooting areas. Always take a moment to make sure it is safe to shoot. Be aware of the RED safety flags that are up. This is your first clue that the range is already in use.
As a reminder, please keep these safety rules in mind while attending the range and please remind those with you of them. Thanks!
1.) ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2.) ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3.) ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
4.) Know your target and what is beyond.
5.) Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
6.) Wear eye and ear protection.
7.) Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons.
8.) Know how to use the gun safely
9.) Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
10.) Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
11.) All members of the public are required to have eye protection when at the range
12.) All members of the public are required to have ear protection when at the range
13.) Be aware that certain types of guns and many shooting activities required additional safety precautions.

Children MUST be attended at ALL TIMES. Children under 10 CANNOT be on the firing line. Children 10-18 MUST have adult supervision. Pets have to be on leashes at ALL TIMES. Please pick up your dog’s poop.

Please as members if you see people being UNSAFE take a minute and help them understand the basic safety principals. We as members need to self-police the range to keep it safe, clean and fun.
Please feel free to forward this Newsletter to all your friends and encourage them to join the Club!! Once again, we thank you for your Membership, Friendship and Participation!!
Sincerely, The USC Board of Directors

Range Hours

Hours of Operation are Dawn to Dusk
7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Unified Sportsmen's Club © 2024. All rights reserved.

Unified Sportsmen's Club © 2024. All rights reserved.